Closeups of Kimber Custom II

IMG_2324Here are some closeups of the amount of wear my Kimber Custom II has over 5000+ rounds. It may be useful for some of you who are shopping for a used 1911.

IMG_2326Trigger with some holster wear on the trigger guard.

IMG_2328Safety, beaver tail and hammer area. Slightly worn overall from carrying it in a holster all day.

IMG_2330The breech face developing some interesting grooves.

IMG_2331I did replace the bushing with an EGW Melt, but it did not change the wear pattern of the barrel or guide rod.

IMG_2332Picture of the chamber. Slide wear is from thousands of practice draws from a holster.

Out With the Old

IMG_2575So Christmas came a little early for me today, my Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra showed up in the mail. It has an output of 500 lumens now rather than the 200 lumens of the previous version.

IMG_2576The head unit of the Ultra is slightly longer and bigger in diameter now with the strike bezel being slightly less sharp. It still features the TIR technology that they use in all their lights so the light is thrown farther with a more concentrated beam.

IMG_2581They also changed the pocket clip on the Ultra to the reversible clip. It is longer and can be clipped onto hat for hands-free use. Stay tuned for a more in depth review!

#90 RifleGear Lower Build

IMG_2567A while back, when RifleGear began to get their own branded lowers, I purchased two of them. They sat in my closet for the longest time until recently, when I decided to start building a Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) rifle. Over the years, I have acquired some spare parts so I figured I might as well use them to build another rifle on a budget.

IMG_2568I completed the lower today by purchasing the B5 Bravo stock, Magpul trigger guard and buffer tube assembly. The ALG ACT trigger was left over from a different lower that I had sold a while ago.

IMG_2569Picture of the other side of the lower, nothing special here.

IMG_2573Close up of the engraving and trigger. It’s so shiny I could stare at it all day.

Zero Tolerance 0560BW

IMG_2554Got a new knife in the other day, it is the same as the Zero Tolerance 0561 that I had but this one comes in the black stonewashed finish that I originally wanted.

IMG_2555It still features the same Hinderer design and frame lock. The titanium scales and blade are blackened and stonewashed to give it that faux worn look.

IMG_2556Instead of FDE, I got a black G10 handle now.


LaRue Tactical PredatOBR

IMG_2523What’s in the box?!

IMG_2525Nicely wrapped up in a durable roll up cloth case. The barrel has its own case.

IMG_2528All of the components out in the open ready to be assembled.


IMG_2529Assembled in under 2 minutes and ready to go!

IMG_2531Close up of the handguard locking mechanism. It is simple in its design and function. The lock up is strong and a perfect fitment to the upper receiver.